Creative Computing

Creative Computing

Creative computing is about creativity. Computer science and computing-related fields have long been introduced to young people in a way that is disconnected from their interests and values – emphasizing technical detail over creative potential. Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.

What is the platform?

Built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Scratch is an innovative platform that exposes kids to drag and drop programming environment. With Scratch, people can create a wide variety of interactive media projects – animations, stories, games, and more – and share those projects with others in an online community.

Program Goals

Students learn to build stories using simple programming tools.

What they do

Explore & Create: Familiarize with the scratch environment. Explore existing projects.
Animate: Students practice animating the characters, costumes, and stages they’ve created and add sequences, loops, and events to their projects.
Create Stories: Students learn to record, edit, and add sounds to their projects!
Create Games & Debug