Home Work Help

Home Work Help

All students need help with their homework at some level or at some stage of academic growth according to his or her needs.Live teacher login to assist children with their regular school homework for Maths, Science and Languages. Dedicated and passionate teachers with proven skills guide your children through an app to achieve good grades at school on a one on one basis.


Our proprietary teaching methods are used to help children with their homework from helping and teaching them how to write a book report to solving their maths problems by understanding the concepts. With our many expert language teachers we are able to help with speech, language, grammar and pronunciation of languages like Hindi, English, French and Mandarin. Additional resources including but not restricted to songs, videos, books and movies are used as well. Learners are exposed to a variety of teaching methodologies from multiple intelligences to gifted education, speech and drama to theatre and more. Students are given individual attention that helps to boost their confidence in the subjects that they might find challenging to learn and comprehend. Our proven tutoring skills helps them overcome underachievement at school by building important learning skills that improve grades in school.

Program Overview

  • Develops higher level thinking skills
  • Opportunities for discovery and experiential learning
  • Study above grade level
  • Fast paced classes
  • Prevents educational underachievement
  • Helps discover high ability students Investigate and solve complex math problems
  • Active learning to keep students engaged
  • Content and Process enhancement
  • Reading and Writing
  • Grammar Concepts
  • Pronunciation