Mandarin Club

Mandarin Club

Our Fun with Mandarin beginner programme aims at making the study of Chinese language and culture an exciting, fun-filled and meaningful journey for every child.The programme covers all four areas of language development-listening, speaking, reading and writing. It consists of drama, games, music, songs, stories, numeracy, art, science and a plethora of child friendly activities.


Using cultural contexts, our program aids learners to learn and improve their listening, reading, writing and speaking in Mandarin.. Our proprietary material is used extensively to teach the program. Additional resources including but not restricted to songs, videos, books and movies are used as well. Learners are exposed to a variety of teaching methodologies from multiple intelligences to gifted education, speech and drama to theatre and more.
Trilingual Kids assists learners to: Learn about the cultural context, Introduces all the vowels and consonants. Explores Mandarin songs, rhymes. The Mandarin script will be introduced so that the student can start to read and write at a very basic level.

Program Overview

  • Reading & Writing
  • Visual and phonetic recognition of Consonants and Vowels.
  • Joining the words to picture Puzzles
  • Picture Conversation
  • Show and Tell
  • Vocabulary 40 themes
  • Grammar Concepts