Speech And Drama

Speech And Drama

In this age of technological excesses and anxieties, children need to unplug and steer clear of screens and gadgets. We believe that they should get involved in real communication about issues, that truly matter.

Our Speech and Drama program gives your child relevant topics to talk about, builds their confidence and stretches their minds in a fun and meaningful environment. Passionate teachers follow an international and intuitive curriculum relevant to children’s day-to-day life, helping kids imagine & create, discuss & debate, listen & focus, think & analyse, move & dance, sing & recite, articulate& express, act & perform.

Some of our themes include:

  • Healthy Body and Mind
  • I Am Special
  • Our Planet
  • Dinosaurs and Archaeology
  • Weather
  • Tough Jobs
  • Outer Space
  • Around the World

Age Groups: 1.5 – 12 years . Duration : 60 – 90 minutes . Frequency : Once/Twice a week . Languages : English, Hindi, Mandarin
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Creativity is Intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein