About Us

Trilingual Kids Academy or TKA, is an award winning Language Learning Program from Singapore, with a unique curriculum designed for students from 3 – to 12 years of age. Our curriculum is primarily modelled on globally practiced progressive language teaching practices.
We also have the STEM PROGRAM (science,technology, engineering,maths), the Art Amaze Program and programs for working professionals. Please see the Menu for details for each individual specially curated program for you.

• We have developed over 10,000 pages of meticulously designed self learning worksheets, board games and teaching aids with a unique step up approach, covering everything your child needs to know in order to excel in making a strong language foundation at school. We also designed a comprehensive TKA Training system to ensure that our Trainers deliver a quality learning experience for your child.

• Research has shown that Early Exposure to languages and skills will enhance your child’s confidence at school in their later years. TKA’s Holistic Approach to Language combines Classroom Learning, Cultural immersion and Worksheets Practice to give your child an early advantage.

• TK programs are more holistic because:
• They integrate activity based learning
• They include cultural immersion
• Small groups

What do we offer
1. Three Level Graded Curriculm
2. Proprietary Materials
3. Toy, Teaching Aids and Book Library
4. On the Job Training and Feedback

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