Trilingual kids have shown me a whole new way of looking at educating children. As a parent of three, I was disappointed that my youngest child did not get into local school. Trilingual kids showed me how wrong I was…..
What was disappointment turned into the best opportunity of her life. As my child approaches the end of term 1, I can wholeheartedly say that she is receiving a marvellous educational opportunity. Anya is a highly qualified, accomplished and fun teacher. My child’s learning has accelerated at an amazing rate. 3 hours a day is more than enough to keep up with the p1 curriculum. There is a small group of friends to play with and all learning is reinforced through play and has avoided the strict riguer of main stream school.
Thank-you Trilingual kids!

Susan Randles

My 5 year old Daughter started Hindi at Trilingual kids and she absolutely loved it! She is keen to learn, excited to attend class, is voluntarily speaking Hindi at home and is after me to only speak to her in Hindi. It’s offered in school and at our condo, so very convenient. It’s been great! Highly recommend it.

Niharika Malhotra

My 5 year old daughter loves to attend her Hindi class with you and totally looks forward to it . Your approach to teach them is fun n innovative I highly recommend trilingual kids to all the parents who want to make learning an interesting journey for their kids .

Navdeep Rahil

My son, 7yrs old had a great time preparing for his S-AEIS and with Anyas’s help and succeeded in securing place in a local school.
She is a great and a loving teacher and customises the teaching techniques as per the child requirements. Her passion for teaching is admirable 🙂
Thank you once again !

Archana Chandak Mantry

My daughter started at Trilingual kids when she was 3 and has loved the classes since, so much so that 2 years later she is still attending the classes and my son has now joined her . It’s the perfect blend of learning , fun and cultural appreciation. I have complete trust in Anya and have recommended many friends to her as well, Anya is also very open to feedback and incorporates it in to her classes.

Niki Shenoi Arora

Our son has been attending classes for the past three weeks and is really enjoying the learning experience. We are very pleased that lessons balance academia with everyday knowledge, Like understanding of plants when learning science. Anya is very welcoming and she creates a fantastic learning environment. Our son has made many friends and loves attending Trilingual everyday.

Rebecca Jackson

This is the third summer class my 5 year old is attending at Trilingual. She thoroughly enjoys the classes..love the way you’ll introduce scientific concepts in easy to understand n interactive manner .. Kudos to you’ll … Looking forward to fun filled summer classes this year too.

Manjula Nair

Both our kids went to Trilingual Kids and both enjoyed their time there.Our older one sat on the AEIS test in September and Trilingual Kids had prepared her well for the test.

Kusuma Arumdani

My daughter tied the hand made rakhi which she made in the Hindi class to her Brother this year n also the last year.

Nisha Jha

My daughter enjoyed the 1 week camp where they taught Scratch programming. The teachers were very observant of her inclination and interest towards the class and connected her IDA lab workshop which inspired further interest.

Narita Cheah

My boys aged 4 and 6 had a fantastic week attending Art and Science camp.
Highly recommended.

Rebecca Morgan

My daughter Kiara 6 years old has been learning Hindi with Trilingual kids for the last 2years..I must say she enjoys going for Hindi class and is always looking forward for it..
The programme is so well structured that it makes learning the language so much more enjoyable. Trilingual kids has not only accelerated my daughter’s learning but also inculcated love for Hindi. Anya who is the backbone to this programme is extremely experienced and fun loving person. Her passion for teaching is commendable. I would highly recommend this programme.

Monali Domadia

Trilingual Kids way of teaching is amazing. They teach Hindi in a fun, easy & interesting way. It’s due to their effort that kids are so interested in Hindi. The worksheets given by them matches the syllabus that makes kids understand very quickly & significant difference can be seen in them in a very less time .. I would highly recommend these classes. Lastly my daughter loved attending the classes. It’s worth sending kids to them.

Nisha Jha